hamster riding dog

this guy looks like he belongs there he fits so well in that little weird dog head notch 

Does anyone else lie in bed at 2:30am filled with the crippling fear that they’re never going to accomplish anything in life and fail miserably or is that just me

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On my wedding day, I’m gonna recite my vows twice.

Once at the altar and again in the bedroom.

With my tongue.

On her pussy.

One letter at a time.

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Not feelin’ it. 


No sympathy for rapists, no sympathy for abusers, no sympathy for those who side with them. No excuses for their behavior, no justifications, no exceptions.

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Anonymous said: Hi, you're really pretty :)

Thank you 😍


All the pretty visitors came and waved their arms, and cast, the shadow of a snake pit on the wall.


girls who were bullied most of their life and gain confidence at one point should be feared most because they dont take anyone’s shit no longer and they will destroy you if you think otherwise

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